Basics of Reverse Engineering Winter 2022

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Resources and links

==================[ Item 1: Dynamic linking mystery ]==========


==================[ Item 2: History of memory corruption exploits ]========================

A classic paper in Phrack: – “The advanced return-into-lib(c) exploits: PaX case study”, Nergal, Phrach 58:4, 2001.

History overviews of exploitation techniques, which led to adoption of NX/DEP and ASLR: “Memory Corruption Attacks: The (almost) Complete History”, Haroon Meer, BlackHat 2010 (see Timeline at p.9) — “Exploit Programming: from Buffer Overflows to Weird Machines and Theory of Computation”, 2011.

==================[ Item 3: Abusing relocation entries ]=========== – “Locreate: An Anagram for Relocate -” – “Weird Machines” in ELF: A Spotlight on the Underappreciated Metadata, Shapiro et al., USENIX WOOT’13